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George Kevin Jordan

George Kevin Jordan is an author and freelance journalist based out of New York. His two novels, "That Moment When" and "Hopeless" are both available online and at bookstores via Urban SOul/Kensington Publishing Corp. He worked as Editor-in-Chief for SOULE.LGBT, and is currently editor and culture writer for BOOK.READ.SEE a site dedicated to exploring Arts, Literature, and Culture through a black and queer lens. He is also Executive Editor of Bleu Magazine.

Everything Doesn’t Suck, Netflix Does It Again

Netflix’s new series got everything right about small towns, the 90s and sexuality.   Tori Amos references, 90's hair, and

Chris Rock and The Era of Middle Aged Comedy

If you want to know the theme of Chris Rock’s Netflix Comedy Special you need only look at the opening

Red Runs Through Us All

It is an interesting time to put out a play about 1918 Valdosta, Ga 100 years almost to the day.

The Question Of Inclusion And The Black Panther Movie

Black Panther Challenges us to think beyond the individual   ***Spoilers Are All Up In This Story  -  Reader Beware!

Top 5 Things We Are Looking Forward To in 2018

Let us all give a collective sigh of relief for 2017. For many of us who were walking around for

“The Toys That Made Us” is a Nostalgic Romp Down Memory Lane

Netflix has done it again with a top notch thriller about a subject we never thought we would be interested


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