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Frantzces Lys

Frantzces Lys is a mom to an amazing music producer in the making, a teacher, and a Life Coach. She transitioned out of social work and into coaching people into creating impossible futures, so they can have a massive impact on the world and live a fulfilled life. Frantzces sold all of her belongings and moved to Southeast Asia; she’s lived in Thailand, briefly in Indonesia, and now resides in Japan. She co-hosts a podcast called Chronicles Abroad where she interviews amazing people who travel or live abroad while also providing tips and resources for people who are considering relocating and traveling overseas. She believes we only have one shot at this thing called life so we shouldn’t hold anything back. She also believes mindfulness and meditation can heal the world. She wrote 4 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress Anytime for Less Than 15 Mins to help people feel better.

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