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Coach Kerri

Named one of the best life coaches in Los Angeles and featured in Curve Magazine for her empowering work within the LGBT community, Coach Kerri provides elite lifestyle coaching services to women in the LGBT community and allies. She is a Certified LGBT Life Coach, Certified LGBT Relationship Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Transformational Speaker, Trainer and Mentor. Her teachings primarily focus on how to overcome personal struggles leading to radical and unapologetic ways to practice self-care, self-love and self-celebration to live a life you truly love. Visit for more info!

“New Year. Who Dis? Leave your negative mindset in 2017!”

When was the last time you felt sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?      When was the last

Are you really WOKE or is it a bunch of B.S.?

Praying, meditating, carrying crystals, wearing Indian garb, regurgitating what you’ve learned or saw others do. Pulling goddess cards, walking through

Why are Black lesbians so afraid of asking for help?

Speaking from experience, I was taught that you NEVER talk about what’s going on inside of your home to anyone

Are you addicted to posting subliminal messages on social media?

Social media is probably the best thing that ever happened for those of us running businesses and have family halfway

Have you ever suffered in silence? ME TOO

This week, the #metoo movement went viral on social media with millions of women ‘posting in solidarity’ – their stories,

Hit The Snooze Button Because Sleep Equals Healing

If you’re like me, though you probably LOVE naps and a good night’s sleep especially when you get to sleep

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