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Chris Coakley

Chris Coakley is a walking talking super nova. She’s a poet, a womanist, an activist, and quite possibly the biggest lesbian you’ll ever meet in your entire life. She’s allergic to toxic masculinity and cats. She’s an anxious dreamer in love with big sweet words and the power they wield. An attorney and writer from Chicago, Illinois she is passionate about advocating for the less fortunate and is committed to improving her community one case at a time. Chris believes that the best way to change the world is to change the people around you, so she educates her community on the dangers of unchecked patriarchy and offers sustainable feminist solutions for how we can create a more equal society. In her free time, she helps organizations that address the needs of the LGBTQ and underprivileged communities with legal issues. Chris can be found on Twitter @ChrisHCoakley and Instagram @alphaqueer.

The Master’s House, The Master’s Tools, and a Crooked Revolution

Audre Lorde once said “You can’t dismantle the master’s house using the master’s tools.”   The principle behind that being,

Love Stories We Can See Ourselves In, Bingo Love

For a lot of LGBTQ people, coming out of the closet is hard. In fact, it’s more than hard, it

The Dora Milaje is Full of Lesbians and Y’all Know It

With the recent release of Marvel’s Black Panther, young Black kids all over the world saw smart, brilliant, Black people


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