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Carlton Bell

Carlton V Bell II, is a all-around creative based in Birmingham, AL & An alumnus from Florida State University, Story-Telling has been apart of his life as long as he can remember; from writing prose, to writing & acting for stage and screen.He loves being able to conceptualize entire worlds through language. He is thrilled to apart of a team, that directly gives birth to QTPOC content! Twitter: iamcarltonbell Instagram: iamcarltonbell Facebook: carlton.bell

Summer 2018 Is Time To “Pose”

We aren’t talking nearly enough about Ryan Murphy’s newest Musical Series - “Pose” coming this summer to FX.   The

Lena Waithe Does It For The Culture

Lena Waithe - Actress, Producer, Writer, and all around entertainment savant. She is an incredible, young, QTPOC that is already

Netflix Binging, My Anxiety & Other Magic Tricks

I feel stuck.   Unbelievably, undoubtably stuck - and not the weird metaphorical “I don’t know what’s next” kind of

LGBT Black History Spotlight: Essex Hemphill

Essex Hemphill a Chicago native, born in 1957. Is a very recent example of Black Queer History, and an often

LGBT Black History Spotlight: Andre Leon Talley

Who knew in the fall of 1949 one of the most iconic style influencers of the century would be born

A Rundown of our Favorite QTPOC Characters

Here are some of our favorite stand out - Queer, Brown, and deeply developed characters currently streaming, and from the


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