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Bernadette Davis

Bernadette Davis received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and American Literature in 2013 at New York University. She also received a Master of Science degree in Publishing: Digital and Print Media in 2015, also at New York University. In addition to writing for SOULE, Davis is the founder of Automated Books, a publishing company that has the goal of reshaping the literary landscape.

Black and Pink: Where LGBTQ and Black History Intersect

What is the difference between a concentration camp and a U.S. prison?   They both require the relinquishment of civil

#MeToo: Workers’ Rights Edition

What if there was a movement analogous to #MeToo, but surrounding other, especially egregious abuses of workers’ rights? There would

If the Next President Was a Black Woman

The legacy of Black women in the United States is one that may offer some insights into the potential impact of

Black Owned Means Black Freedom

A core principle of the Black Liberation Movement is self-determination. Self-determination manifests best in an environment of economic freedom, but

NYU Holds Multi-Faith Panel About Perspectives on Race, Spirit, and Justice

In early December, panelists at a New York University's multi-faith event discussed their views on the state of race, spirit,

Paying is Optional: Why Interning Can Be a Raw Deal

I completed a for-credit internship at Scholastic during the winter of 2013. My work involved evaluating queries, conducting quality assurance


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