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Are you really WOKE or is it a bunch of B.S.?

Praying, meditating, carrying crystals, wearing Indian garb, regurgitating what you’ve learned or saw others do. Pulling goddess cards, walking through Japanese gardens, reciting mantras, wearing mala beads, spewing verses from ancient books. Calling on your ancestors, burning sage, walking barefoot on the Earth. Gathering in drum circles, laying hands on others, creating healing elixirs, wearing your nose ring and ankh necklace. Writing all those “woke” posts, gathering in silent protest for “change,” traveling to Sedona. Telling me you’re inspired or enlightened because you sat in silence for 30 minutes and spoke to Buddha himself. Journaling in five different books because, “look at how organized your growth is!”

Completing your automatic writing; writing a whole book about what IS and being in the now, taking every opportunity you can to convince me you don’t judge others or speak poorly of anyone (unless they disagree with you). Reminding me you’re not doing IT for the money or the fame, not competing with anyone (allegedly), no longer people pleasing because validation means nothing all of a sudden. Acting as if you don’t have mommy or daddy issues. Hanging on to sentiments of thinking you’re better than anyone else walking the planet, because you’ve done anything listed above.

You ain’t that woke!!

Until we hear you speak the raw unfiltered truth about YOU to YOU. Until we see you love yourself without judgement, cry your deepest cry; because the pain of all you’ve carried on your shoulders is now too much to bare and you’re ready to put it down so you can get UP — we won’t be impressed. We are not impressed by your chakra clearing or your reiki sessions, your silent retreats, herbal baths, qigong or your yoga. We are not impressed by your vision boards, pray rain journals, affirmations or your mantras.

Keep your green tea, vitamin supplements, juicing, raw food diet and all your clean eating regimens

We are not impressed!!

Because here’s the thing — until you pull down every wall, become so vulnerable your heart can’t hide anymore and you face the truth of all that you are holding back, you can’t impress anyone.

Until we see YOU look in the mirror and say, “I’m so fucking sorry I have not shown up for you the way I do for everyone else,” with such conviction your lip quivers, your stomach is in knots, there is a lump in your throat and your hands shake because you’re facing the one thing you can’t run from…which is you, we can’t be impressed.

Keep your awards and accolades. And, give us the real you. Come out from the shadows of your ego.

 Until you can admit that you struggle with self-love and you are clear that you’ve accepted your own bullshit pretending not to smell it, how can anyone be impressed?

Impress us with your willingness to forgive yourself and anyone who hurt you.

Impress us with telling the truth without manipulating others to get what you want.

Impress us with your ability to get up every day — even with a heavy sigh, and deliberately choose to face the day with hope and faith in yourself, because your true desire is to add joy to this planet starting with how you live your own life.

Impress us with telling us you KNOW you deserve to feel unstoppable and free simply because you breathe.

Impress us by NO LONGER hiding behind your fears, emotional trauma, and staying invisible.

Impress us by falling deeper in love with YOU.

You are eternal, powerful, and resilient. Impress us by knowing that in essence … that is everything.

 Love yourself. Impress YOURSELF by showing everyone how much you LOVE you.

 Expand beyond your imagination and reconnect with who has been hiding behind, acting “woke.”



Coach Kerri

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