Are You Currently Experiencing The Slingshot Effect

A lot of people are going through painful changes and major upheaval in their life right now. It feels overwhelming and confusing. You might be one of these people I’m referring to.

Are you suffering silently, but keeping up a facade for everyone else? Does it feel like you are being pulled in a lot of different directions and you don’t have control over what happens next?

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Especially because it makes you question pretty much everything in your life.

The good news is… there is absolutely an explanation for all of it. Everything you’re feeling. And, once I tell you and explain a little bit more, a lot of what you’ve been feeling will make a lot more sense.

What you’re experiencing is the slingshot effect.

You’re experiencing what it feels like to be in a slingshot — LITERALLY.

Visualize what a sling shot looks like (just go ahead and GOOGLE it if you want to physically ‘see’ it for this exercise).

Now, imagine the slingshot being pulled all the way back. As far back as it can go. Zoom in on the rubber band holding the slingshot. It’s stretched as far back as it can go and looks like it could break any second.

NOW…. picture YOURSELF as the object in the slingshot. YOU are what’s being pulled back all the way, as far back as you can go. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable, and you just want to be released so the pain doesn’t feel so unnerving.

The force of gravity (being pulled back) causes a forward acceleration of the object once it’s let go. That’s what a slingshot is made for. It allows the object being pulled all the way back to be released and propelled forward at a crazy fast speed.


The slingshot effect is all about understanding that if YOU are the object and YOU are being pulled back; eventually you WILL be let go and propelled forward.

The more you are being pulled back, the farther you will go in your life once released.

The key through the discomfort you feel now is CHOOSING to see your current reality, situation, struggle, and challenges as nothing more than you as the object in a slingshot being pulled back. When you are released just think how far ahead you’ll be.

The slingshot represents LIFE, the object represents YOU and the ‘pulling back’ represents your ‘problems and current reality’ — when you are released after what seems like forever, you will no doubt be propelled forward into GREATNESS.

What else?

Well, it’s time to GET READY and then, STAY READY.

Instead of sitting around cursing your circumstances, shaking your fist at the Universe, or being worried and self-destructive, DEVELOP A PLAN OF ACTION (also referred to as “your comeback”) and GET READY!

What’s about to come is going to blow your mind.

Now that you know about the slingshot theory, seriously use this time as preparation. Start putting pen to paper on what you WANT to experience once you shift out of THIS SPACE. What kind of life do you want to live? What do you really deserve? What are you ready to experience now?

It’s exciting. It’s lit. The possibilities are endless. And, you’re worth it. You will make it through.

You are LITERALLY about to be propelled forward.

Once you ‘land’, you might find it hard to believe that you were once really going so much. Like, how? You might even choose to try to forget it (‘the hard times) not because it didn’t happen or because you don’t want to acknowledge it, but because it’ll really be a distant memory at this point.

So, word to the wise…take this time (while you’re being pulled back) to prepare and get ready for what’s to come.

Get creative.

Set new intentions.

Start giving thanks that you are about this slingshot life. And then, take a deep breath and ground yourself.


You’re about to FLY!



Coach Kerri

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