SOULE offers various ways for you to promote your brand. Advertising with us will help increase your visibility. Our reach and readership is constantly growing to provide you with incomparable value for your advertising investment.  Here at SOULE we understand the importance of advertising and offer customizable ways for your business to connect. Whats unique about SOULE is that we have the ability to interact with our audience both digitally through our website and physically, with our brunch series and events.   Our audience is comprised of young, progressive LGBT people of color from all over the United States. You will get your message to the right people on the right place at the right time.

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  • Featured Ad Spot: 300×250
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We offer our clients a wide variety of choices when it comes to advertising & marketing their products.

Sponsored SOULE talk Brunch:

SOULE Talk is a monthly brunch series where powerful conversations take place discussing real issues that are effecting the LGBTIA community as well as it’s social relevance to the world around us. Previous conversations have included transgenderism, love and bias in bisexuality and much more. Sponsoring a SOULE talk Brunch is a great opportunity for product placement and an effective way to spread news about your product.

Sponsored Events:

Similar to SOULE talk monthly brunch, our sponsored events are a great opportunity to spread  information about your brand as well as great opportunity for product place with our audience.

Sponsored Tweets:

Sponsored tweets are a quick, less expensive and effective way to spread the news about your product, event or brand to SOULE Online’s Twitter followers.

Web Ad Formats:

• Traditional banner ads
• Product placement in articles


• Product placement
• Video ad pop-ups
• Webseries sponsorship

Other Options:

• Contests/Giveaways
• Business profiles
• Personal profiles/Interviews

By partnering with SOULE, you tap our expertise and editorial presence to target the customers you value most. To inquire more about advertising and rates, please fill in the form below to have someone reach out to you.

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