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Are you addicted to posting subliminal messages on social media?

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Social media is probably the best thing that ever happened for those of us running businesses and have family halfway across the world. But, it also brings out the worst in some people.Social media birthed a whole generation of ‘Internet thugs’ with ‘Twitter fingers’ plus, it perfected the art of throwing shade through subliminal messages. How did we address people we had an issue with before social media came along? Did you actually call someone up and say, “hey so and so, you hurt my feelings when….” or, “hey so and so, I think we need to talk because I’m feeling like….” — the good ole’ days when people weren’t so passive aggressive and gang banging on computer keys to say… nothing straightforward at all.

Apparently subliminal messages, memes, posts and comments on a social media site trumps a straightforward conversation nowadays.

You see it happen after a breakup.
You see it happen after a misunderstanding.
You see it happen after business relationships end.
You see it happen when you simply disagree with someone for whatever reason.

So, are we just going to raise the white flag and accept that THIS is the world we are living in now? I guess, huh. People are so tough behind a computer screen.Truth is, dropping a subliminal message whether it’s a tweet, a status or a meme shows a lack of maturity on a lot of levels IF you really want to get your point across.

Adults have conversations. That’s how it works. Or, how it did. Now, folks are addicted to being petty boots.

This may or may not fall on deaf ears as you might be reading this right now shaking your head in agreement not realizing YOU might be guilty of doing this very thing. We wonder why there seems to be a constant divide among us and wonder why there is constant judgment and assumptions, but this is why. People would rather throw shade about someone ‘they used to date, like or work with’ versus following the golden rule – if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. If you’re feeling like today is the day you want to put your big girl panties on – try reaching out to the person directly and addressing the issue.

If we are to have true peace in our lives, we need to be better than this.
Remember the GOOD that social media has done, will do and how it has literally saved lives (from finding people who have gone missing to safe check-ins when there is a crisis). Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are contributing to the problem. Then, do your part to make it better.
Memes are cool and everything, but a conversation is better.

Coach Kerri

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