SOULE; Seekers of Unity, Love & Equality, is a digital destination for news, opinions, life and culture for the LGBTQIA people of color. SOULE uplifts, empowers and inspires pride via the SOULE Website and SOULE Special Events.

The website

The online website features commentary, opinions and features that raise awareness and promotes discussion within our community. With an professionally-polished  daily updated with articles, SOULE strives to be the go-to source for the community. Our current editorial staff hails from the major cities such as New York, Washington D.C., and  California.  With such a diverse team, SOULE aims to become a platform of cultured content, uniting the community.

The Special Events

  • Strangers and Friends:  Strangers and Friends was founded by SOULE, The Each Other Project, LIT and Newer Negros as a monthly mixer in NYC to bring together Queer people of color.

Soule TV 

SOULE TV is an online TV network on a mission to represent, inspire and empower a positive image for LGBT People of Color. SOULE TV Network will serve as a media platform showcasing entertaining series , interviews and films from the community.

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