5 Ways You Keep Sabotaging Your Own Emotional Healing

All of us are on a journey to even more GREATNESS. It’s not that we are not already pretty dope, BUT some of us tend to forget.

Maybe, life got in the way. Bullshit beliefs that simply don’t serve us got in the way. People who project their own fears and half-assed action plans got in the way.

Let’s face it …. YOU probably got in your own way.

Simply put, though we are MAGNIFICENT beings (and, we are…..have you noticed lately how your heart just beats without you having to tell it how or for how long….even when you’re sleeping?) … we are known for sabotaging the real down and dirty growth that can only come from true emotional healing.

Truth is we NEED this type of healing in our life. The type that leads to cracking you all the way open so you can put yourself back together again stronger and more resilient.

Problem is…..the thought of healing EMOTIONALLY is one of the most challenging things human beings have ever had to fess up to struggling with.

5 ways you keep sabotaging your own emotional healing….

  1. You don’t consider yourself worthy and deserving of all the beautiful things life has to offer. You see other people living the “good life” and immediately equate that to THEY must be better or more blessed than you and though it can happen for “them”, it can’t really happen for you. NEWSFLASH: IF it can happen for THEM, it certainly can happen for you too. Consider that they may have done the work (from the inside out) to get to where they are in life. No luck here. But, instead a real investment and commitment to being BETTER doing no matter what it takes.
  2. You aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to truly HEAL because it feels too overwhelming. How many times have you started down the path towards a BREAKTHROUGH only to stop because ‘ISH got real and you immediately started mumbling — “this isn’t what I signed up for” or “I’m fine just as I am, it’s everyone else with the problem” … and then you allowed that little voice inside your head to convince you that it wasn’t going to work anyway so you might as well give up before you get too invested.
  3. You create a whole story in your head about why now is just not the right time. With that story comes an entire movie production with a cast of characters and everything. You write a script and play it out over and over again in your head allowing the plot to thicken with you in the lead role of VICTIM. Stop it! NO ONE wants to buy a ticket to that production. Not even you if we are being honest.
  4. You make it everyone else’s fault. Somehow, it’s never YOU. You’re not ready to acknowledge your role in situations that cause turmoil because honestly, that’s where the REAL emotional healing begins.
  5. You create a gang of excuses. Each one even more dramatic than the last on why you won’t or can’t manifest what’s necessary to make a commitment to your healing. AKA. Your follow through game SUCKS! But, what makes it even worse is you truly convince yourself that your excuses are justified. You talk yourself INTO believing them and so you do. Refer to reason #1.

Here’s what I know to be true. No matter what the task is….whether it’s emotional healing OR any other sort of mindset shift a person wants for their life, you must always DO what is necessary and FIND a way to create something out of nothing to make sure it happens if you really want it. I’m not making this up. I have lived this, all of this.

I have sabotaged myself at one point or another. I’m well versed in this list which is why I know that if you don’t address what you’re avoiding, you don’t create change that is sustainable. And, the lessons will always come roaring back and make you face them sooner or later.

Emotional healing usually requires help from a third party (therapist, life coach, support meetings, etc.) because often you’ve been swimming in it for so long you can’t possibly see the bigger picture. Not saying it’s not possible to create intense healing in your life on your own, but it usually falls short because we have the ability to convince ourselves with the notion of, “I’m fine just as I am” or “I’ve done enough and I feel good now so no need to do anything else” — let me be the first to call you to the carpet on that.

Don’t deny yourself of real growth. You’re worth so much more than that. There’s no need to wait until you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You can avoid more long-term trauma and pain by dealing with what has already happened NOW versus later.

I know it feels crazy.

I know it does. BUT, what’s even crazier is not addressing the problem and just wishing it away. That’s now how any of this works. The time is NOW!

Cheers to new beginnings and HEALING (for real, this time).



Coach Kerri

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