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5 Life-Altering Tips So You Can Finally Board That Plane

Read Carefully

You’ve dreamt about it, haven’t you?

One day you’re going to travel. One day you’re going to visit Europe, Asia, or Africa, etc.

And you’re waiting because the funds aren’t there yet.

You’re waiting because works too busy.

You’re waiting because now isn’t the right time.

But how long has it been?

How many years have passed and you’re still waiting?

Why haven’t you bought that ticket?


You’re The Only One Blocking Your Path

Your environment reaffirms the story you tell yourself.

When you’re ready to poke holes in your story, it’s then you will be able to take action.

The thought of going abroad scared me. But that wasn’t my story. It was my family’s. My aunt, the other day, said Japan is a scary place. Listen, if you live in America, that’s a scary place.

People tell me they’re scared, and I tell them, if you’ve survived the ‘isms in America, then you’re going to be more than okay abroad.

Also, if you don’t have friends who travel, you can’t imagine it for yourself.

And some people are comfortable where they are, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you have a relentless burning desire to travel, then those friends limit your scope.

Look around you––you’re the only one standing in your way. Those around you are merely reaffirming your inner projections.

Let’s clear the path because there’s a ticket somewhere with your name on it.


Shift Your Mindset: Have A Mind-Blowing Adventure

The coffee can story.

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love describes an incredible moment when a woman came up to her after a book reading and told her a story about her mother.

Her mother had five children. When she was 28 years old, her husband abandoned her. Her oldest child was 10, and the youngest was two months old.

The day her father left, her mother promised herself her life would never look like this again––with so much sorrow. She said she would sail around the world alone the minute her last child left the house.

Every day she put one dollar in a coffee can.

She didn’t have a lot of money, but she knew one dollar wouldn’t break her family financially. It took 20 years, and when her last child left the house, she bought a freighter ticket and traveled the world.


1. Become serious about your finances. Don’t focus on how long it’s going to take. Focus on what you’re able to do right now with what you have. Find creative ways to increase your income and cut back.

I had a friend who paid for 200+ cable channels but complained there wasn’t any money to travel.

Create a plan.



2. Upgrade your friends. I’m from the Caribbean, and I had many friends who traveled for Carnival, which is fantastic.

But I never had friends who traveled across the globe. And when it came time to plan there wasn’t any follow through.

Find friends online. There is a multitude of travel groups on Facebook. World Class Travel Crew™: Black Women Solo is a phenomenal group of courageous women who travel solo around the world. And they often travel together.

Accept the fact that you may have to travel solo, because if you wait for your friends, you won’t ever buy that ticket.



3. Be friends with your fears. When I was in graduate school, we attended the National Association of Black Social Workers conference in Texas.

There was a member too fearful to fly; instead, she boarded a 14-hour bus ride to Houston, Texas.

It will seem scary at first, but I promise you the fears will melt away. The more you travel, the less fearful you become. And the only way to move through fear is by action.

I learned how to ride my first scooter on an island in Thailand. It took me weeks to find the courage, and by the time I learned, it was time for me to leave.

Riding the scooter was fun but I wasted an awful amount of time being scared.

This December my son is boarding his second international flight; heading to Thailand––solo.

Be friends with fear.

Doing laundry like a local in Bang Bo, Thailand



4. You gain confidence by what you do. I have many conversations with people who are afraid to travel solo. The fear is understandable. It’s a foreign country in which you don’t know the language. It’s intimidating!

But when you begin navigating countries something inside of you changes. You gain confidence. You become secure and sure of yourself. You’ll pat yourself on the back because you did it––by yourself.

When I traveled to Bali solo, I flew to Lombok on a small body jet plane. I had an incredible conversation with an Indonesian woman. Who, by the way, encouraged me to find myself a man!

From Lombok, I rode on a horse chariot then rode on a local boat to the Gili Islands.

With a little research, and a bit of trust in the Universe and yourself; you too will gain the confidence to navigate any country.

Heading to Gili Meno islands in Indonesia with the locals.

Riding in my first Tuk Tuk in Bangkok, Thailand.


5. Time isn’t on your side. Let’s face it. There’s never going to be a right time. And if I’m going to be blunt, you only have this life.

A friend recently moved to Thailand and a woman reached out to her and asked her if it was too late for her to move abroad because she’s 60 years old.

I’ve crossed paths with so many people; young, old, and all nationalities who have either bought a one-way ticket or decided to finally travel the world.

It’s never too late.


Buy That Ticket Transform Your Life

You can make more money.

You can upgrade your friends.

You can manage your fear, develop confidence and time isn’t yours.

But the experience you will have is a branded memory. And the person you’ll become you won’t recognize.

Traveling makes you scientifically happy, and as you broaden your experiences, make new friends, travel to distant places, eat foods you would’ve never eaten before, life will become fuller.

Life will no longer feel stale.

Buy the ticket.

Tell that story.

Live your life.

Frantzces Lys

Frantzces Lys is a mom to an amazing music producer in the making, a teacher, and a Life Coach. She transitioned out of social work and into coaching people into creating impossible futures, so they can have a massive impact on the world and live a fulfilled life. Frantzces sold all of her belongings and moved to Southeast Asia; she’s lived in Thailand, briefly in Indonesia, and now resides in Japan. She co-hosts a podcast called Chronicles Abroad where she interviews amazing people who travel or live abroad while also providing tips and resources for people who are considering relocating and traveling overseas. She believes we only have one shot at this thing called life so we shouldn’t hold anything back. She also believes mindfulness and meditation can heal the world. She wrote 4 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress Anytime for Less Than 15 Mins to help people feel better.


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