10 Signs You Have A Real Connection With Your Partner

Liking The Same Movies Isn't Always Enough!

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Love at first sight only exists in films.

Sure, you can have a lasting and fulfilling relationship with someone that you’re immediately attracted to, but you can’t tell if someone is your soul mate based on how sexy they are. Or whether you happen to like the same video games. Or whether you both go to the same school.

Knowing whether you have a real connection is much more difficult. Here are 10 signs you’ve matched with the right person.

  1. Conversation is effortless. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, the conversation just flows between you two; you always want to know what’s on their mind, and they’re eager to drink up what you say. Yes, you might be nervous at first, but something about it just feels natural.
  1. You can be yourself. You want to impress your partner, but you feel like you can be yourself at the same time. You don’t need to sleep in your makeup so that you wake up #Flawless, and you don’t need to brag about your resume or pretend you hit the gym every day. Bae is interested in you just the way you are.
  1. 3. You make it through the hard times. If your relationship is butterflies and sunshine all the time, then that means you’re probably paying bae. Every real relationship has to weather difficulties. When times get hard, you and bae support each other.
  1. You fight well. It’s okay to disagree, but how do you disagree? Do you and bae know how to argue without hurting each other? Do you know how to hear out both sides of the argument and compromise? If so, then you’ll be able to tackle any challenge that comes your way.
  1. Your life changes for the better. Bae empowers you to follow your dreams. Bae helps you kick your bad habits and become healthier. Bae inspires you to have adventures. If you really connect with someone, they’ll want the best for you – and vice versa.
  1. You can communicate without words. You and bae share a secret language of touches, winks and smiles. Sometimes you feel what your partner is going through before they tell you, because you instinctually know what they need.
  1. You’re willing to sacrifice something to be together. If you and bae are together out of convenience, it’s probably not true love. If they had to move across the country, would you follow them or keep up a long-distance relationship? Or would you ditch them for the next person who walks by? If bae has a serious health issue, will you be by their side, even when it’s not pretty?
  1. Bae makes you feel good about yourself. They’re not negative, and they don’t put you down. If they accidentally hurt your feelings, they apologize. They never make you feel like they’re settling for you, and they never make you feel insecure.
  1. You get jealous, but you trust your partner. It’s natural to be jealous every now and then. (Why is “Mom” calling them so much? Who is “Mom,” really?) But you feel confident that your partner would never betray you.
  1. You can see yourself being together forever. Picture yourself fifty years into the future. Yes, I’m sure you still look hot – but who do you want to be standing beside you? Who do you want to help raise your children, or be with you when you’re sick, or wake up to every morning? If the thought of living the rest of your life with your partner fills you with joy, follow that joy.

So what do you next? In order to find out whether you’re truly in love, you need to get to know them. To see whether you really connect, take turns asking each other these twenty key questions.


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