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Culture, Media

There’s a Black, Queer Renaissance Happening in the Art World

In this moment, we’re seeing unprecedented commercial success for Black, queer creatives.     RuPaul has packaged and distributed drag culture to

News, Politics

If You Stay Ready, You Won’t Have To Get Ready Legislation allows adoption agencies to refuse LGBT applicants

Look, I got comfortable. I know... I know. I shouldn’t have. I’m gay, Black, and a woman, and very far removed from

Culture, Media

Yass For Trans Women, Nay For Trans Men The harsh truths that media's visibility of trans women uncovers

A new era has begun.   An era in which conversations about diversity in representation has forged its way to the top

Love | Sex

Love Walter: Easy Come, Easy Go

Hi Walter, Have you ever had a problem with a relationship? I feel like I want to stick with it but it’s

Featured, Politics

Get in the Game for Midterms 2018 Our Present and Future Depends on It

Politics and governing are about relationships and access to power. And in democracies, political change often moves slowly, incrementally. Considering the disparate

Culture, Movies | Television

What the Success of RuPaul’s Drag Race Means for Black, Gay Culture

RuPaul’s Drag Race has achieved a level of success and cultural ubiquity that evades most shows.  The queer franchise just racked up


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