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Love | Sex

Love Walter: If I Were Your Woman

Dear Walter, I’m dating this guy who used to be straight. Don’t they all say that! We started out really well. We


The Last 30 Days Haven’t Been Kind to LGBTQ Rights Your update on LGBTQ rights and the laws that affect us

This month, we celebrate LGBTQ Pride and acknowledge the progress we’ve made.  But there are still several reminders of the countless obstacles

Inspiration, Travel

Think It’s Too Late To Pursue Your Travel Goals? Think Again

Am I too old to travel?     What if I want to move abroad at 50?     Is it too


National Caribbean-American AIDS Awareness Day Offers a Chance to Come out of the Shame Shadows

In 2015, writer Kwame Dawes and photographer Andre Lambertson wrote about the confluence of faith and shame in dealing with HIV/AIDS in

Love | Sex

Love Walter: I Think I Want To Marry You

Dear Walter, I’m a gay man in my thirties. And I’m ready to get married. The catch is, I don’t have a

Media, Movies | Television

The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot and The White Gay Agenda

Maya Angelou said “when people show you who they are, believe them” and that is hands down the best piece of advice


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