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Culture, Pride

LGBT Black History Spotlight: Andre Leon Talley

Who knew in the fall of 1949 one of the most iconic style influencers of the century would be born in Washington

Culture, Love | Sex

Love Walter:  5 Ways to Survive the Flu With Someone New

Dear Walter, Everywhere I turn people are coughing. It’s flu season again. And trying to date without catching a cold or worse


Not Queer Enough: Coming to Terms with Asexuality

It's no secret to my friends that I identify as ace - I've written about it multiple times, both in plain text

Media, Movies | Television

A Rundown of our Favorite QTPOC Characters

Here are some of our favorite stand out - Queer, Brown, and deeply developed characters currently streaming, and from the past. See

Culture, Travel

EVENTS by Sebastian T. Makes Upscale Travel Within Reach For POC

He's not a travel agent, and if you’re looking for a party, then you’ll be disappointed. Anthony Tillery of EVENTS by Sebastian

Culture, News, Politics

Where Are America’s LGBTQ Safe Spaces? 

For years, LGBTQ progress has been steady and promising.  From the legalization of gay marriage to the prominent White House recognition of


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