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Love | Sex

Love Walter: Can You Be Gay And Go To Heaven?

Dear Walter, I’m having a hard time coming to terms with my sexuality. I grew up in the church and was taught

Media, Movies | Television

Fox’s “911,” Depicts Queer Relationship Realness And We Are Here For it

The fight for marriage equality involved more than just the right to be legally recognized in a committed union by the government.

Love | Sex, Media

“Me.Him.Us” Campaign Humanizes Gay, Black Men

When it comes to advertising, gay, Black men don’t often see themselves reflected.  We wash our clothes, drive cars, and dine out

Culture, Media, Movies | Television

‘Jewel’s Catch One’ Conjures Love, Loss & Life Lessons in New Doc

You are teleported as soon as the music comes through the speakers. There is something about disco that just makes you want

Love | Sex

Love Walter: Ready for Love

Hi Walter, Long time reader, first time asking for advice. I want to ask you about love. All of my friends are

Culture, Pride

The Subconscious “Skill” of Code Switching

Being Black and queer, you subconsciously amass an arsenal of weapons to combat your daily life.   It’s time we start calling


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