Shame Episode 1

Everyone's got a little something their ashamed of.... So let's talk about it. Disclaimer - this is raw, extremely jaded and uncut.

How To Make Our Military Strong Again

  “It is time to recognize that sacrifice, valor and integrity are no more defined by sexual orientation than they are by race or gender,...

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When Mom Comes To Stay: How To Effectively Blend Families

So you and your partner have a new roommate you didn't anticipate. If a parent has come to stay, what do you do now?...

Overqualified & Drunk – Ep 14: Sorry, NOT Sorry

In this episode, Chanel and Chloe contemplate the role the podcast plays in their dating lives as well as discuss how to balance between...

Unlearning Gender Roles In The LGBTQ Community

  Gender is biological, the roles and expectations that we assign to each gender however, are man-made and driven by heteronormative standards created by society...

Who Is Eddie S. Pierce Jr. And Why You Need To Read His Work

“To make something intangible tangible is worth it all,” says Eddie S. Pierce Jr., author and founder of Rainbow Room Publishing, LLC as he...

Where To Go On Your Next Valentine’s Day Excursion

The time has come, yet again, for Americans (both queer and non-queer alike) to consume copious amounts of chocolate and candy hearts as we...