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Culture, Media, Movies | Television

Insecure’s Jéan Elie Talks To SOULE About How He Gives Back

Many of us know stars and celebrities from the silver screen to our own laptops, but how often do you ever wonder

Politics, World

Living In An Economy of Violence

There’s an ongoing debate about whether people should or shouldn’t consider the artist’s personal history when deciding what media to consume. This

Love | Sex

Love Walter: What It’s Like Cruising for Anonymous Sex for a Week?

Dear Walter, What ever happened to cruising? You know, going to public places to see who wants to have a little fun.

Culture, Politics, World

Angela Davis and Patrisse Cullors unite for “Times Talk”

On February 20, the Kaufman Music Center hosted a New York Times, TimesTalks event, where Melissa Harris-Perry conducted an hour-long interview with

Movies | Television

Everything Doesn’t Suck, Netflix Does It Again

Netflix’s new series got everything right about small towns, the 90s and sexuality.   Tori Amos references, 90's hair, and lots and

Culture, Politics

SOULE Sits Down With Brooklynite and Food Justice Organizer Ashleigh Eubanks

To begin our Women's Month Spotlights, we introduce to you, food justice organizer Ashleigh Eubanks! Ashleigh Eubanks is a queer Black femme


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