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Love Walter: What a Girl Wants Is Just What a Girl Needs

Hi Walter,   I hope you have the time to answer this because I'm completely lost. My first real relationship was with

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Acclaimed Documentary, ‘Upstairs Inferno’, Now Streaming Worldwide Film Chronicles One of the Most Deadliest Events in LGBT History

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact: Robert L. Camina,  Director/Producer/Writer [email protected] (214) 850-5027   Coinciding with the 45th Anniversary of the

Culture, Politics, Religion, Uncategorized

The God In Me Sees the God In You We Don't Need The Approval of The Pope, Never Did

Let’s be honest, a LOT of people in the LGBTQ community have a “complicated” relationship with organized religion. A lot of us

Culture, Media, Movies | Television

‘FATHERS’ Web Series Imagines A World Without AIDS

A man remembers losing so many friends to AIDS that he couldn’t recall everyone who’d passed. Other men and women share how

Media, Music

Black Music Month Spotlight: Syd

Hip-Hop has destroyed one-dimensional perceptions of its genre that intended to keep it marginalized. Today, the culture is ubiquitous - from rock

Love | Sex

Love Walter: The Boy Is Mine but He Doesn’t Know It Yet

Hi Walter,   I just started dating this guy. And I think it’s going well. We go out for drinks and dinner


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