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Love | Sex

Love Walter: When Is it Right to Propose?

Dear Walter, I’m a gay male. Can I ask your opinion on how soon you think is too soon to ask someone


The Standards of Masculinity in the Lesbian Community

The LGBTQ movement has always been about equality, equal rights, and being treated and handled like our heterosexual counterparts. Our community has

Books, Media

Love Stories We Can See Ourselves In, Bingo Love

For a lot of LGBTQ people, coming out of the closet is hard. In fact, it’s more than hard, it can be


Lady Day, Legend

Billie Holiday is known today as a jazz legend, and cultural icon. In the 1930's and 1940's, she had a string of

Culture, Politics

The Power Behind Andrea Jenkins’s Historical City Council Victory

If local politics is the means through which the people will reclaim the power that supposedly belongs to them, then the election

Love | Sex

Love Walter: Make Him Feel Like a Man Again

Dear Walter, How can I make my boyfriend top? Please give me some advice? Helppppp!!!! -Hopeless Romantic Dear Hopeless Romantic, The last


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