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Love | Sex

Love Walter:  A Couple in Crisis

Dear Walter,   Have you ever had a situation with a boyfriend’s group of friends that nearly derailed a relationship?   -Rocky

Culture, Media

Whitney & Robyn What would a queer identity have meant for the pop icon?

With the premier of BET's "The Bobby Brown Story," hitting the small screen earlier this month, we are taken for a ride

Culture, Theater

Are You Ready For More Love? Donja R. Love’s New Play 'Fireflies' Premieres at Linda Gross Theater

Relax.   If you don’t know Donja R. Love by now it doesn’t make you a bad person. I have read enough

Love | Sex

Love Walter:  To Cheat or Not to Cheat, That Is the Question

Dear Walter,   Have you ever been too tempted to cheat? I know it’s a sketchy question but I can’t help but

Culture, Media

The Joke’s On Us Gadsby's Netflix Comedy, Liberating the Gay Punchline

You may have heard the name Hannah Gadsby this summer (or you may have not) connected with her ground-breaking comedy special Nanette on

Culture, Media, Music

Sounds of SOULE Spotlight: Cassius Cruz

When I first heard Azucar, I was transported to the damp, steamy floor of a jungle at night. I could hear the


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